Access to safe water in Nigeria

Ndiokenyi Women working on borehole installation

Lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities are a direct cause for many of the health problems in rural Nigeria. In cooperation with our partners, Neighborhood Initiative for Women’s Advancement and the Abakaliki Local Government Area Water and Sanitation Section, AMURT has responded to the needs of the communities through a program called CLTS or Community Led Total Sanitation. The training of WASHCOMS (Water Sanitation Hygiene Committees) and sensitization about water, sanitation, human rights, women’s right and health issues empowers and mobilizes the community assume ownership and take responsibility for their own health and development. Each village pay 5 % counterpart contribution to qualify for the training and the new borehole. As part of the program the communities are trained in the maintenance and repair of the boreholes and receive a repair kit and set of spare parts.


The single most effective measure to reduce the spread of infectious diseases is hand washing. AMURT in Nigeria is promoting a simple technology to facilitate hand washing in homes and schools.