India flood response

AMURT was first created to work with floods in India. It is well established locally and has long experience. The government is not taking proper responsibility after the recent floods in the Himalayas and AMURT needs support.

The natural disaster took thousand of lives, and loss of properties can not be estimated at this stage. More than 62,000 people are still stranded in different points of Kedarnath and Badrinath in Uttarakhanda and Himanchal Pradesh. Seeing the serious situation of the natural disaster in Uttarakhand, AMURT has already opened its Relief Camp in Hariwar and trying our level best to reach to the needy people…

“I therefore make an appeal to all concern and all AMURT Units in India and abroad to extend their all possible help and support for the suffering people who have been badly hit by the recent disaster in uttarakhand. With my best wishes. In HIS Service, Ac. Ramananda Avadhuta, Central AMURT Secretary”

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Exploitation and calamities in Uttarakhanda. By Tara, World prout assembly:

The calamaties in Uttarakhand are caused by outside exploiters. They have destroyed the trees along the rivers and on the hills and mountains and this is the main reason for such extreme flooding. All these decisions were made by outsiders. The local people have tried to protest the endless dams on the rivers, the endless destruction of the environment but have been silenced…

The fact is that all government and other jobs are controlled by Hindi outsiders. There is a vast difference between the local people and the other people of Uttar Pradesh in manners, culture and morals. Despite this the local language is not studied in any school. Instead people are forced to learn Hindi. During the independence movement of this state, there were strong cultural movements but this has not flowered due to control of the state by Hindi outsiders. At that time also there were ecological movements like the Chipko movement to stop the killing of forests. When the local language movement died these movements died because as Baba said, without a culture people have no backbone. There are even schools where students are taught Sanskrit but no school teaches the local language. Naturally the local people have an inferiority complex which renders them ripe for exploitation and for debasement of the youth by Bollywood culture. Also local children in schools learn slowly as they are not taught in their mother tongue and hence fall behind the children of Hindi outsiders from UP. This is why Proutists must fight for every mother tongue… (When local people talk to Hindu-speaking people they will feel inferior, as this is not their language and it is difficult for them to speak accurately and nicely-A).

Times Of India:
“Uttarakhand disaster plan doesn’t exist, CAG warned in April
“NEW DELHI: As a humongous natural calamity grips Uttarakhand, it is now emerging that the state has had no disaster management plan worth its name despite the region being highly disaster prone due to fragile mountains, tectonic activity and climatic events…”